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13 October, 2014

I'd like to take the opportunity to communicate directly with every member of Los Angeles County Group 1.
It's been a busy six weeks since the Change of Command. It truly is my honor to be your Commander.
There have been two significant events that I would like to like you to know about.
In mid September, all ten, I say again, all ten squadron commanders, the two deputies and me, met for what I consider the single most meeting I will have over the next three years. We spent the entire day, discussing,planning and just talking about issues that are the Commander's responsibilities and how we plan how to meet them. From a Group Commander's perspective, taking care of you, communicating, sharing resources among ourselves, multiplies the possibilities of our mutual successes and are my highest priorities. I am extremely pleased with the caliber and dedication of each of the ten Commanders.
This weekend was the California Wing Conference. The conference is an educational opportunity, a chance to catch up with others in the wing we don't get an opportunity to see or work with on a regular basis and very importantly the Awards Banquet recognized accomplishments and achievement. It was great to see Group 1 members there and represent our Group. It is always a pleasure to talk with each and every one of you. I want to hear your concerns and whats important to you. All feedback is appreciated.
Next years Conference is in Orange County and I strongly encourage every one to attend particularly since it is so close by.
The awards Banquet was in my opinion, EXCELLENT! The Guest Speaker was a NASA Test Pilot, an extraordinary aviator and has experiences that are extremely rare. We had a chance to hear directly from the survivor of one our most recent missions. I can tell  you, it was not only a text book search, it was emotionally moving to me, that CAP did it right. The results were right here in front of us, the man and his family were right here among us. The CAP team members who were involved with the search, were awarded the Lifesaving Award. It was clear it takes a lot of people to carry off even the smallest search.
Last but very importantly, the Awards portion of the Banquet saw many members of the Wing receiving recognition for the hard work and accomplishments of our members. I am very proud to say members and units of Group 1 were recognized publicly and with appreciation. I will send out a separate email due to the length of not only the Wing level recipients, but the winners and nominees at the Group level as well. We are already in the new award cycle. It is a good practice to take a few moments each week and jot down your efforts and accomplishments. It helps you monitor if you are achieving your goals and your progress. As a lifetime exercise, when it's time to update a resume or ask for a new job opportunity or raise, it comes in handy.
I should mention we have a new  Group 1 website at: Rather than wait for content, I feel it's important to get it out there and watch it improve. I have added a page that I call Help Wanted. I find there are small projects and questions as part of a larger challenge that need attention, but we don't have all the resources we need to get it done. I ask that you take a look at it occasionally, and see where you can contribute, your efforts will improve the quality of our program here locally. I know each of us have talents and abilities that are underutilized.
My best to each of you today, and everyday.
John Findley,Lt Col, CAP
Commander Los Angeles County Group 1