Commander’s Message

Welcome to the new Group 1 website!

This will be a primary place, the one stop for all your Group 1 needs.

July 2018

As we move through the hot days of summer, let me stress the importance of staying hydrated, both outside under the Sun and inside at home, work, and CAP.
It's been a busy as six Group 1 squadron commanders were changed so far this fiscal year. Let me introduce:
 -- Maj Mark Beutel, Commander of the San Fernando Senior Squadron 35 (Pacoima)
 -- Maj Kristine Schlachet, Commander of the San Fernando Cadet Squadron 137 (Pacoima)
 -- Capt Ryan Herrera, Commander of the El Monte Composite Squadron 21
 -- 2d Lt Douglas Stahl, Commander of the Brackett Composite Squadron 64 (Laverne)
 -- Maj Ravin Kumar, Commander of the South Bay Senior Squadron 129 (Torrance)
 -- Lt Col Charles Wiest, Commander of the Los Angeles Cadet Squadron 138 (Bell)
A team of members including Maj Charles Christian and Capt Michael Olsen are preparing a set of short training videos covering Civil Air Patrol information needed by new members as well as current members looking to expand into new areas of service.
Our National Conference is being held in Anaheim 22-26 August. I hope to see you there!
Be safe!
Marc Cohen,Lt Col, CAP
Commander Los Angeles County Group One