Help Wanted

Occasionally, there are special needs and projects that need talented people who are will and able to help.

The nature of a volunteer organizations such as CAP, we have experienced professionals who can contribute quickly and efficiently. The missing talent and skill, can easily get a stalled project moving forward again. Please check back frequently and reach out to the point of contact if you can assist or help.

Help Wanted: Keeper of Really Important Stuff. Almost daily, something significant happens and needs to be recorded in an appropriate place. For example, the list of nominees at a Banquet/Awards Ceremony and the winners of course. Someone who is detail oriented and timely. These lists should be published as soon as humanly possible. With the advent of SocialMedia, in the time it takes to draft, edit and smooth, the whole world already knows and I would like to get and stay ahead of that curve. 🙂 The pay is tremendous, the gratification enormous, my appreciation – unlimited.

Help Wanted: Keeper of the Calendar There are a lot of events, reports and activities that need to be published and tracked. The Keep of the Calendar will keep the Group Calendar updated.