Group Staff

PCR-CA-070Staff Officers of Civil Air Patrol, Los Angeles County Group 1

The Group 1 Staff is made up of CAP Professionals who are experienced Subject Matter Experts. Our job is to lead, administer and support our assigned units as they accomplish their goals and missions.

Our dedicated staff volunteers ensure the three missions of Civil Air Patrol are professionally executed within Los Angeles County.

Commander – CC
Lt Col Marc Cohen
Deputy Commander – CD
Capt Charles Christian
Administration – DA
Personnel – DP
Lt Col Valerie Hanley
Aerospace Education – AE
Lt Col David Oberhettinger
Capt David Winterhalter (External AE)
Operations – DO
Capt Charles Christian, Operations/Alerting /WMAO
1Lt Nathan Taylor, Emergency Services (DOS)
Capt Ted Ripp, Stan/Eval (DOV)
Cadet Programs – CP
Lt Col Reynold Lopez
Lt Col Kenneth Hartwell, Ass’t CP
Capt Lisa Granillo, Cadet Activities (CPA)
Lt Col Reynold Lopez, CAC Advisor (CAC)
C/Capt Christina Granillo, CAC Representative
Safety – SE
Maj Paul Hanley
Communications – DC
1st Lt Michael Olson, Communications
2d Lt Herman Pang, Ass’t Communications
Capt Charles Christian, Ass’t Communications
Information Technology – IT
Lt Col Marc Cohen
Finance – FM
Lt Col Mark Williams
Lt Col Denise Van Loo, Ass’t Finance
Professional Development – ETS
Lt Col Denise Van Loo, ETS/Test Control
Lt Col Valerie Hanley, Ass’t Prof Development

Logistics – LG
Lt Col Margo Leveque
Lt Col Denise Van Loo, Supply (LGS)
Capt James Bertz, Transportation (LGT)
Lt Col James Miller, Asst Transportation (LGTA)
Public Affairs – PA
Mark Kempton
Historian – HO
Lt Col Mark Williams

Capt Charles Christian